Meet Ricky

A son of Guatemalan and Taiwanese immigrants, Ricky grew up in Miami working with his family to build a successful hotel business.

Ricky learned at a young age that hard work, determination, and limited government are the ingredients for success in South Florida.
Ricky is running for State Representative to keep us free, secure our prosperity, and protect us from socialist policies pushed by radical leftists.

- Vice-President, Tsay International
- B.A., Florida International University (FIU)
- M.S. Hospitality Management Candidate, FIU
- Lifelong Republican and Conservative Activist
- National Rifle Association (NRA) Member

Ricky's Agenda - Representing You

Ricky Tsay is the ONLY candidate who will look out for your wallet and has not taken any money from special interests. He is a strong conservative leader who will represent you and your family.

  • LOWER HOME PROPERTY INSURANCE PREMIUMS by supporting legislation to limit attorney fee multipliers in home property insurance lawsuits.

  • FIGHT INFLATION by lowering state taxes even more and advocating robust pro-growth and pro-small business policies.

  • REFORM OUR SCHOOLS by improving our curriculum, protecting Parental Rights, keeping "woke" agendas out of the classroom, and expanding workforce development and technical education.

  • STAND FOR LAW AND ORDER by respecting and defending our police with more training, increased pay, and tax incentives to recruit new officers.

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